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Sony in-ear Headphones block noise

Bookmark and Share  Think of them as tiny speakers that help you block out the world. Help your kid study better with in-ear noise isolating headphones. Unline noise cancelling headphones which only block certain frequencies that have a droning feature like jet engines and air ducts, noise isolating headphones will heavily deaden all surrounding noise. The Sony MDREX85LP/BLK Soft Earbud w/ Soft Clip & Case will fit the bill perfectily  in this case allowing the wearer to concentrate on the task at hand rather than the surrounding partying, I mean dorm noise.

Of course if your student has a taste in loud music or gets too into listening, these will do absolutely nothing to promote better studying. But at under $40 at least they won't break the bank.

Sony not your style? (pun intended) check out other noise isolating headphones at Amazon. Search for noise isolating earbuds
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Small 3" In-Ceiling Speakers

phasespeaker sgIs your home theater setup in a difficult space where larger on table or stand surrounds won't work? Does your spouse hate the idea of 6" or 8" speakers in your ceiling. Phase Technology releases new in-ceiling 3-inch speakers. These speakers have some unique features:
  • Round 3" for in-ceiling CL1.5
  • Square 3" for in-wall surrounds CL15
  • Enclosed back to increase control of the sound

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