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New McIntosh XRT2.1K Loudspeakers

Having worked at D&M Holdings, the company that at one time owned McIntosh and still owns Denon and Marantz, I can tell you that this is classic McIntosh design. Classic and beautiful. On top of that the speaker array's give such a great open and airy sound it's remarkable. D&M thankfully does not own them any longer which allows them to continue to produce quality, made in the USA products.

Labs From the McIntosh site. The XRT2.1K Loudspeaker represents the next evolution of McIntosh home audio speakers. Borne from our 45+ years of designing speakers, the XRT2.1K is a full-range system that provides spacious sound reproduction with an unusually deep soundstage. It ... #Hometheater #speakers #speakersforhometheater

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