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Good speakers make all the difference Sonos is the king of multiroom audio, but this Canadian upstart plans a coup

Using components from both of these groups, Lenbrook created Bluesound, a whole-home audio product aimed squarely at audio fans who like the Sonos model, but want audiophile-grade performance. To see if Bluesound has managed to upstage Sonos, we spent ... #Hometheater #speakers
Hometheater speakers

Don't waste money on bad speakers How to buy the best bookshelf speakers for your home audio needs
Home audio systems are one of the must-haves for today's consumers. While some people spend a lot of time on TV, focusing on the quality of the picture and the size of the set, others are all about the sound quality of their music. Whether you want a ... #Hometheater #speakers
Hometheater speakers

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