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Don't waste money on bad speakers Two Select All Editors Try to Decide: Is the HomePod Worth $350?

Beyond the bare fact that you can't even set the thing up without an iPhone, it's also that everything else you might want to do with a smart speaker becomes easier when you're cocooned (or trapped, depending on your perspective) in Apple's chamfered ...and more » #Hometheater #speakers
Hometheater speakers

Good speakers make all the difference Sonos vs. Bluesound: A Hi-fi, Wi-Fi Speaker System Shootout
Using components from both of these groups, Lenbrook created Bluesound, a whole-home audio product aimed squarely at audio fans who like the Sonos model, but want audiophile-grade performance. To see if Bluesound has managed to upstage Sonos, we spent ... #Hometheater #speakers
Hometheater speakers

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