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Will my speakers work if wired wrong?

There are 2 ways of wiring your speakers incorrectly. 
  1. You mix up the left and the right channels
  2. You mix up the red and black connections from the amp to the speaker terminals.
The first one does not harm you'll just hear the channels in the opposite sides. Simply switch the speaker wires on the amp and you're done.
The second problem leaves your speakers out of phase. This will result in a flat, reduced bass and lifeless sound. You'll know when you hear it.

Wiring speakers correctly is fairly easy. The only thing you need to remember when hooking up speaker is to be sure to hook up the same wire to the red and black terminal on both the amp and the speaker. 

How do I tell the difference?

Speaker wires usually have tell-tale markings on them so you can make sure you have your
connections straight. 

Color - Most speaker wires are multi color. Silver and bronze (goldish). Just be sure to put the same one on each side
Markings - Some speaker wires use one color wire for both sides but have markings on the side of one wire, either a stripe or writing. 
Ridges - Still others use a raised ridge on one of the wires to indicate which side you're dealing with. 

All three work just as well, it depends on your preference. 

More importantly, don't overspend on speaker wire. It's not the most critical path your music travels. Your amp, speakers and stylus, if you're rocking a turntable have a much greater effect on how your tunes will sound. 

So go get some decent (14 gauge or better) speaker wire and start listening. 

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