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Did Amazon stop making the Echo Tap?

The short answer appears to be no. If you look at Amazon's posts about ALL the Echo's, something is missing. What happened to the Echo Tap? The Echo Tap is/was the only battery powered Echo in Amazon's lineup. Though originally you needed to tap the top to ask a question Amazon added hands free use earlier this year. So in effect it's a portable Echo. Here's a picture of the current lineup according to Amazon.

Hmmmm. No Tap. It would be a shame if the Tap were eliminated from the lineup given none of the
new products run on battery power. Besides running on a battery it came with a really nifty charging dock which I wish all bluetooth speakers came with. Plugging in a USB plug all the time is a pain in the butt. Dropping it into its cradle is a sinch. Now the tap did not sound as good as the full grown echo but it more than made up for that in portability and its 8 hour battery life.

I hope they are just working on a new one to either replace it, or maybe this was just an oversight. We'll see. Will you miss the Echo Tap if it's gone?

This article was updated to say Amazon did not stop selling the Echo Tap on 10/7/17

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