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Why are my Outdoor Speakers so Quiet?

Of all the reasons your outdoor speakers don't sound as loud as your indoor ones, the Speaker Wire you're using is not one of them. Why when your receiver is on volume 55 are your indoor bookshelves loud but when you switch to zone 2 or speaker B, (depending on your receiver) which are your outdoor speakers do the speakers not sound as loud?

It all comes down to volume. No, not the volume of the receiver, but the volume of the air the speakers are trying to move. In an enclosed room speakers have a relatively "bounded" amount of air to move. This reduces dispersion, and the amount of pressure they exert when they reach your ears.

Once outside, soundwaves have a greater amount of air to move and can disperse more quickly, appearing to create less volume.

Other reasons your outdoor speakers have less volume.

  • Different impedance than the indoor speakers
  • Different size speaker drivers
  • Your volume on the zone you have them on is less than the speakers inside

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