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Which Speakers for a Turntable?

The simple answer is this. Any speaker will work just fine with a turntable. You might think that since you've got an analog signal coming from a turntable, as opposed to a digital signal coming from say Pandora or Amazon Music, you need a different kind of speaker. You don't.

Speakers are Analog

By their nature, speakers are analog devices. An electrical signal causes the electromagnet, a metal coil in the speaker to move back and forth, causing the speaker to viabrate. This in turn creates the sound generated by the speaker cone moving back and forth.

But What Speakers Should I Buy?

This depends less on your use of a turntable, which I believe everyone should at least experience once in their lives, then it does in your personal taste. Different speakers create different types of sound. Many factors change the texture and form of the sound of a speaker, including;

  • Size and shape of the cabinet
  • Materials used for the cabinet
  • Is the cabinet ported or not
  • How many drivers (speakers) does it use? 2 way, 3 way, 2.5 way?
  • The materials of the speaker cone
  • The design of the crossover
  • The type of magnet  
It's important to note that finding one speaker that has a neodymium magnet that you like won't mean you'll also like another speaker because it has a neodymium magnet. There are just too many other variables to account for to make that leap. 

Use Your Ears

The best way, the only way to tell what the best speaker is for you, turntable or not,  is to listen to them. Comparing a few different speakers in a similar or better yet, exact same environment is prefered. 

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As for Turntables

Since you're interested in turntables, here are a few suggestions we like from the simple but good to expensive and crazy good. 

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