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The Best Amazon Speaker and Headphone Deals for Cyber Monday 2016

2016 has been the best year for Black Friday and Cyber week deals in a long time. It's not so much that the deals are better or cheaper, it's that there are more of them and they are not selling out quickly. Sure the stupid $149 50" TV's sell out quick but there is still real money to be saved this holiday than in a long time. And, it's on quality products, not crap that they simply want to get rid of.

Here's our list of speakers and headphones for this weekend and Cyber week.


Top of my speaker list is technically not a speaker but it can help make any speaker smarter and full of more information and music. At just $40 the Amazon Dot (the baby Echo) really packs a wallop with great features and functionality.

The Polk T15 is a great value bookshelf speaker at $115. Combine it with a small amp and an Amazon Dot and you have a bedroom or living audio system no bluetooth speaker can touch. You can also go the Google Chromecast Audio for $25 or so almost anywhere this week and get similar functionality from your phone.

Although out of stock at this posting, You can still order this great Polk Audio T50 floorstanding speaker for only $75, half off the normal price and get Prime shipping. With the speaker set up as Polk has them you'll get bass response that will be quite satisfying at this price point.

These are great for an audio only system for when you have time to sit and listen. Or, use them as a base for a home theater speaker system front speakers.


OK, this is really a good deal assuming you don't mind the skull on your headphones. These get consistently great reviews and don't overload the bass. Usually $69 these are now only $49.99. They come in black, silver and blue. We ordered a pair and can't wait for them to arrive.

But... if you love the extra bass, these Sony Extra Bass bluetooth headphones are only $68 vs their usual $139. Sony is one of our main headphones of choice and these surely won't disappoint. Note there is no way to turn off the extra bass so if that's not your thing but Sony is, try these Sony headphones instead.

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