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How to Choose a Bluetooth Speaker

Choosing a bluetooth speaker is easier than you think, not much different from other discretionary expenditures you might make.
  1. Do I need a bluetooth speaker? - Do you often listen to music with friends or without a headset on? If yes, you should get one.
  2. How much do I have to Spend? - There are bluetooth speakers for every budget $10 - over $1,000. This of course is a personal thing no one else can guide you on, except your spouse.
  3. Where will I listen to it? - Is the room big or small, is it outside? The bigger the room or if outside, you'll want to choose a larger more powerful speaker bluetooth speakers, unless it positioned close to your listening area.
  4. What will you listen to? - Do you listen to Jazz or heavy vocal music or even podcasts? These tend to sound decent with mid sized speakers while pop and hip hop, usually more bass prominent might require a speaker with more bass response. My favorite for Jazz is the Bose Color. Nice clear mids with just enough bass.
  5. How portable do you need it to be? - There's portable, then there's very portable. One of the best sounding Bose Soundlink Mini is pretty portable, but the JBL Clip will attach to a belt loop as you do work around the house or yard.
I could likely go on but these are the main considerations on my list. Below are some of my favorites.

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