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Do I need to Take Outdoor Speakers In During a Storm?

As with most of our answers, the answer is it depends. We'll answer the question at the end of the article but first, a few things to consider.

Most outdoor speakers are not waterproof and many are barely weather resistant. True waterproof outdoor speakers will usually set you back $300 or more for a pair. Although there are many waterproof and resistent bluetooth speakers, some of us, like the folks at TSG's prefer to have actual speakers on our decks or back porches, capable of filling our yards with quality sounding music, not just background noise.

What to look for in a Waterproof Speaker
  • How are they sealed - are they sealed with gaskets that will keep the rain out?
  • The quality of the cabinet - Is the outside of the cabinet easy to keep clean? Read reviews to be sure.
  • The quality of the driver - Are the drivers made of a material that will stand up to not just water, but temperature variations.
  • The quality of the binding posts - gold plated, not just gold colored binding posts will increase the lifespan of the posts and insure a solid connection.

So, do you have to take them inside or what? 

During normal summer weather, you should not have to take almost any quality outdoor speaker inside. But note that if you're expecting a driving rain storm and you opted for a less expensive outdoor speaker, you might take the time to bring them in.

Other times you'll want to bring any outdoor speaker in no matter the quality is in the fall and winter. With rapid changes in temperatures during the late fall and winter months you should consider bringing your speakers inside, especially if they are expensive! Any material can become brittle over time when exposed to extreme temperatures, breaking down the seal that's keeping moisture out. Besides, it's unlikely you're sitting out there in the yard listening at that time of year in any case.

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