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Wireless TV Speaker for Easier Listening

If you are hearing impaired or just want to not disturb your partner while watching TV in bed at night a wireless TV speaker might be just the thing for you.

Although soundbars and sound bases sound great and can increase your ability to hear a TV from a distance, a Wireless TV speaker can sit next to you on your night stand or end table as you watch TV.

Best way to hear a TV in your bedroom at night

A portable, wireless TV speaker is often a better solution to hearing a television at night than a soundbar or even wireless headphones. Soundbars are too far away and the volume they need to be at may disturb your partner or other household members. Headphones can be uncomfortable and could wake you if you fall asleep with them on.

A portable, rechargeable TV speaker can sit in it's base by the TV and on your night stand at night offering clear, easier to hear sound without blasting out the entire house.

How do wireless TV speakers work?

Regardless of the technology used, the basic principal is a base unit takes the output from the television and sends it to the speaker across the room. If your TV is less than 30-40 feet from the speaker it will often be a bluetooth speaker, not that the technology matters that much.

Is my TV compatible with these speakers?

If your TV is less than 15 years old the answer is likely yes. You'll have either an audio in the form of a headphone jack or a pair of RCA plugs that can output the audio to the base unit.

What are the best TV wireless speakers I can get?

We could only find one pre-packaged TV audio solution we'd recommend if you're not technically inclined. That is the Serene Innovations TV portable speaker (pictured above). It does not require extra components and setup. If you have even a little savvy in the tech department you can hook up almost any bluetooth speaker using a bluetooth adapter like those shown below. It may also require some accessories.

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