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Multi Room Wireless Speakers, what makes a System Multi-room?

What's a multi room wireless speaker?

This term would refer to a setup where multiple speakers connect via one interface and usually allow the listener to play either the same music on all devices or different music on each.

Sound simple enough right? It really is that simple. That said there are multiple approaches to achieving this type of output.

The Sonos wireless speakers

Sonos uses a Mesh network that operates outside of your regular home network which has two distinct benefits.
  • It does not compete with other traffic on the network. (though it still competes with other traffic coming into your house! If two family members are streaming Netflix...)
  • Since each speaker is a mini network extender, it allows for further propagation of the network removing the issue of being too far from a wireless router.
  • But... it does require its own hub which is additional money.
The Samsung & Bose wireless speakers

Both Samsung Radiant speakers and Bose SoundTouch wireless speakers work off your existing wireless network. This is great since it somewhat reduces the cost at the expense of extending your network beyond the reach of your router. Both brands also work with Bluetooth technology if you prefer.

  • No hub required
  • Uses your existing home network

No matter which system you choose you'll get true multi-room music capabilities that will make you smile. Here are some pictures of the three types of systems.

Radiant360 R5 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker
Samsung Radiant
Product Details
Bose SoundTouch
Product Details
Sonos Play 5

All three systems connect to your favorite Internet radio services like Pandora so pick up 2 or 3 and rock the house.

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