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Bose TV Speaker Soundbar on Black Friday Sale on Amazon

Today only Amazon has the Bose Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System. This very cool soundbar-ish type system, it actually sits UNDER your Television adds Bose sound quality to your otherwise poor TV speakers. 

Face it, most of today's televisions have crappy sound. Having a beautiful 55 inch LED TV with puny speaker sound is like eating an apple pie with 1 slice of apple in it. 
If you like Bose sound you'll love this TV speaker. 

  • Offers One-connection Simplicity
  • Fits under most TVs 46"or larger TV, or can be placed on a shelf directly below TV. Honeslty you could use it under any TV. 
  • Easy bass adjustments from control knob on the back of the system
  • Includes a universal remote to control your TV and other sources

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