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Best Price on Amazon Echo for Only $120 OR LESS now through Cyber Monday


 How to get the best price on the Amazon Echo, this years hottest tech gift. (just wait, I'll be right)

The Amazon Echo is a decent sounding bluetooth speaker with extraordinary powers beyond playing music. You can ask it the weather, the news, sports scores and more. Add home control of smart devices and you have a really cool device that keeps on growing in it's capabilities. 

Best prices on Amazon Echo

Almost everyone has it today for $149. The question is how to you get the Echo for less than $149?

There are two ways we found to cut the price of this cool device down by at least $60. 

  1. Go to Bed Bath & Beyond and sign up for their online newsletter. This will get you a 20% off coupon bringing the price down to $119.20
  2. Go to Amazon, at checkout take advantage of their credit card offer and get the Echo for $69. 

That's it. $69 with a Amazon credit card or $119.20 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Either way a great deal on a cool tech item that is also a pretty decent bluetooth speaker. 

Bose TV Speaker Soundbar on Black Friday Sale on Amazon

Today only Amazon has the Bose Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System. This very cool soundbar-ish type system, it actually sits UNDER your Television adds Bose sound quality to your otherwise poor TV speakers. 

Face it, most of today's televisions have crappy sound. Having a beautiful 55 inch LED TV with puny speaker sound is like eating an apple pie with 1 slice of apple in it. 
If you like Bose sound you'll love this TV speaker. 

  • Offers One-connection Simplicity
  • Fits under most TVs 46"or larger TV, or can be placed on a shelf directly below TV. Honeslty you could use it under any TV. 
  • Easy bass adjustments from control knob on the back of the system
  • Includes a universal remote to control your TV and other sources

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