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4 Reasons you need a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Normally a speaker being waterproof only matters if its mounted outside for one or more seasons, and is exposed directly to rain or snow. Since the majority of Bluetooth speakers are of the portable type, why would they need to be waterproof?

(Shown on left, UE Roll 360. Not only is is waterproof, it has 360 degree sound and decent bass)

When to consider a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?

  1. The bathroom. Portable Bluetooth speakers can often end up in the bathroom for the morning preparations, shower, teeth brushing and so forth. The obvious problem here is that even if the speaker in not in direct contact with water it will be exposed to a daily dose of very high humidity, unless you always take a cold shower. (too bad for you). Another serious challenge is that these things sometimes "dance". Even my small Jambox has a tendency to move when music is played beyond a certain volume. So working it's way from a shelf to the toilet is well, certainly possible. 
  2. Poolside. OK, this is another obvious one. Even if you're not having a rowdy party the accidental Opps can happen and you find your speaker at the bottom of the pool. 
  3. The Kitchen. Similar problem to the bathroom though somewhat less dangerous. 
  4. The Beach. Though we'd highly recommend you do not take any speaker, waterproof or not near or in the ocean, saltwater is highly corrosive, bumps, spills and other mishaps around that much water certainly increase with proximity. 
So now that we've covered why you might want a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, what should you look for when buying on?

What to look for in a waterproof speaker

Gaskets and poly cones of course are the first level of necessity. If you want true waterproof only consider speakers with Beyond that consider where it will be used. If it's in the bathroom does it have a way to hang it in the shower? Near the pool does it have Omni directional sound? (the sound goes in all directions) Does it have a material that will repel water or simply dry quickly. These are some of the things to consider. 

Waterproof does NOT mean you can leave it in the water! Not only is this a bad idea, unless the speaker is designed to do this but it will usually sound terrible. Consider splashproof speakers as well. These are designed to resist damage due to an occasional "dunk"

Here are some of our favorites.

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