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New Sonos Speaker has the ability to be "tuned" to your environment

If you have an AV receiver from any of the large audio companies you're likely familiar with using a microphone attached to the receiver to "tune" your speakers to the environment they are in. This generally works quite well in our experience though honestly I doubt most people can really hear the difference. 

Sonos has now announced a wireless speaker that offers something quite similar,
the microphone will be used to help Sonos's speaker read sound waves in the room and better understand where it's located in the room and what that room looks like.
The Sonos Play:5 will not only have all the streaming music and Mesh network Sonos is famous for, it will be able to "tune" the speaker to sound better in your room. They've branded it "trueplay".

Not a new idea but it gets interesting with the older Sonos devices that don't have microphones built in. They will apparently use the microphone on your smartphone or tablet (iOS only for now) to capture the room info and they we're guessing they will then tune the speaker remotely. Nice.

If you're into wireless speakers like the Sonos and consider yourself an audio or even music buff, this might be worth it to you. Note these speakers do cost $500.

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