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Is this Anker speaker a Bose Mini Killer?

Is this Anker Bluetooth speaker a Bose Mini killer? The Bose Mini is pretty much regarded by reviewers both consumer and pro as one of the best sounding speakers out there. We loved it in our review. It has smooth bass and more importantly very natural sounding mids and highs. It's beautifully crafted and solid in hand. 

Along come Anker with their Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (A3143), yeah I know, guess the cost savings on making this extends to no budget to name it, and things get interesting. 

The Bose Mini Soundlink costs about $199 but sometimes you can find it for $169. The Anker A3143 (really needs a name here Anker!) weighs in at a paltry $59 on Amazon. Besides looking almost identical apparently they may be close on sound as well. 

If reviews are to be believed, and the jury is still out since many of the reviews were folks who were given the device to write a review, then this thing rocks at this price. 

The device does differ in that it is made of plastic instead of metal like the Bose. Plus the folks at Bose likely spent $100K to come up with the name Sound Link Mini. Trust me on this one, naming can cost a bundle and Bose if above all else, a marketing machine. 

Most reviews do tout a nice even sounding bass with the Anker, like the Bose but I haven't heard the Anker yet so it's taking the reviewers at their word. Many of the reviews were from not gifted sources so it could be this is a real steal. If you own one tell us in the comments. If you don't own one let us know if you're taking the leap.

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