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Bluetooth Stereo Amp for Real Speakers

The sales of bluetooth speakers that sound great is permeating the market. Yeah like a 4" by 2" speaker is going to give you anything but background music. If you want to enjoy music you should really invest a small amount of money and purchase a decent pair of bookshelf speakers and a bluetooth stereo amp. Even then the compromises are everywhere. First the files or streaming audio you're listening too are compromised, then bluetooth does a number on them and off to a dinky little speaker that you think sounds great.

The $260 setup that will blow away your $300 pill, Jambox or other tiny speaker
 First start with a  Grace Digital GDI-BTAR512 100-Watt Digital Integrated Stereo Amplifier  with a pair of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Loudspeakers. Though not portable this combination will let you hear things in your favorite tunes you've likely never heard.

But What about My Beats Headphones, aren't they better?
Don't get me started on Beats headphones. Don't. That issue aside, listening to sound coming out of a nicely balanced pair of speakers sounds dramatically different than what you'll hear in a headphone.

Neither of the two components listed above are audiophile quality but guys, I'm not talking to you at the moment. But the Pioneer speakers I've had tested and I can tell you they are a small miracle for the price.So go ahead and splurge, Kick back, pop open a beer or a nice chardonnay and actually listen to some music.

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