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Why Bluetooth Speakers Suck

...for serious listening. I had to add that caveat because not all bluetooth speakers suck, and it depends on why you're listening. If you're tooling around the house or cooking a Christmas turkey, then there are quite a few bluetooth speakers that will fit the bill of supplying decent music reproduction even for a closet audiophile. What bluetooth speakers do suck at is producing audio that can be tolerated for more than a few minutes if your intent it to simply listen to the music.

Why? There are very few, some would argue no, bluetooth speakers that can accurately produce sound worth sitting down to listen too if listening is your primary intent. The primary reason is bass response. With most small speakers having a maximum size of 2.5-3 inches there is NO way you'll get even a remotely decent bass response. This is simply a matter of physics. A speaker that small cannot move enough air to create satisfying bass. Some companies, looking at you Bose, trick your ears into thinking you're getting really decent (debatable) bass from their tiny speakers but in fact you're only hearing one low frequency note. Every low note is the same. Not literally because they will still push the higher end of that note to make you think you're hearing the entire pitch but you're brain is really doing all the heavy lifting to make you "think" you're hearing different low notes. Now there is nothing wrong with this, if you're cooking the aforementioned turkey.

Are there any good small speakers?
There are several decent sounding bluetooth speakers you can pick up for casual listening. But if you want to get the complete sound the artist intended you to hear there is no escaping getting at least a pair of 2 or 3-way bookshelf speakers or a pair of small tower speakers. If you don't have the space there are some reasonably priced in-ceiling speakers that could do in a pinch. So go get your turkey speaker, (ah, that didn't come out right) and pick up a pair of bookshelf speakers for when you really want to hear your favorite song.

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donjoe said...

Thaaat is unless you're willing to shell out the cash for one of the few really good bluetooth speakers, which is admittedly larger than average for the "portable" category but can still be packed in a bag and taken on vacation and according to some reviewers is the next best thing to having a portable studio monitor: the Riva Turbo X. (Interestingly, they say its smaller sibling due out this September - the Riva S - is tuned even flatter. It remains to be seen/heard.)

Varun Reddy said...

If you don’t do much talking on your mobile phone, you’re probably okay with the earbuds that came with it. And if you listen to a lot of music on that phone, with only the occasional call, you might want to consider stereo Bluetooth headphones with a microphone .But a good mono Bluetooth headset is a great accessory if you speak on the phone frequently and want the convenience of having your hands free. It’s also an important item if you need to be sure that your voice sounds clear to the person on the other end, without too much wind or other background noise. And if you spend a decent amount of time talking on the phone, you don’t want to stay tethered to your handset by a wire, or to hold the phone with your shoulder while you talk—the latter is terrible for your neck and back.

Devendra Tiwari said...

Bluetooth Speaker is connected via Desktop?

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