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Subwoofers and In-ceiling speakers

Summer is often a time when folks decide to install architectural speakers in their homes. In-Ceiling Speakers & In-Wall Speakers can give you the same sanctification of quality sound as bookshelf speaker without taking up space. People often ask if they need to install a subwoofer with their installed speakers.

As with many things in the audio world the answer is a resounding, maybe. It all depends on a few things:

  • What type of music are you listening too?
  • Is this a home theater setup?
  • Is this background music or are you sitting and listening?
  • How much do you like heavy bass in your listening?
Straight forward questions you likely know the answer too off the top of your head.
  • If this is a home theater setup, yes, get a subwoofers
  • If you're only using the speakers for background music, you likely don't need the sub
  • Depending on the type of music you listen too it might not require deep bass to be satisfying
  • And of course if you really like lots of bass, you already know the answer 
  • Do you have room to put another box on the floor? (only you know this answer)
 Also don't worry so much about the 5.5 inch or 6 inch in-ceiling speakers being too small to deliver any reasonable bass. Properly installed speakers will deliver an amazing amount of bass for their size. This is due to the fact that they are installed in the structure of the home and can use it to help carry the bass in a similar way that bookshelf speakers do with their enclosure.

Proper installation is the key here however. Also consider closed back speakers for more accurate sound.

You can in most cases add the subwoofer later depending on the location of your amp. In either case if you purchase high quality speakers, you're sure to get years of enjoyment out of them.

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