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Why Buy a Bluetooth Speaker Instead of Apple Airplay

These days it's not hard to find bluetooth speakers. You'll practically fall over them walking into any store you can think of. Besides their normal electronics chains these handy little speakers show up in hardware stores, drugstores and even auto parts stores for goodness sake. Airplay speakers on the other hand are not as easy to find anymore.  Why would you want an AirPlay speaker as opposed to a bluetooth speaker? It's simple really, if you one iOS devices and want to exclusively use iTunes to control your music selections then an AirPlay speaker can make your life easier. If not, stick to bluetooth. BT speakers offer a much wider selection in both size and price. Note that the size and price often come at the expense of quality.

Bottom Line - Your iOS device will pay through any bluetooth device you purchase, and so will any Android devices you might have lying around. Unfortunately only iOS devices work with AirPlay. We view this as a major disadvantage. 

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