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How Bose has finally won me over

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Having started The Speaker Company I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few experts in the art of listening. Some might say audio snobs, other would call them folks with a good ear. Honestly what sounds good enough to you, is likely good enough for you. That said I will contend that anyone who learns how to listen to music on a really good set of speakers will be spoiled forever.

Bose has always been one of those companies that has been shunned by such audio aficionados, including myself. The tricks they use to provide a bass loving experience sound quite dull once pointed out. But there are instances when you just want convenient.
With Bluetooth speakers Making it easy to hear music from your phone is paramount. Also, getting some type of satisfying bass out of tiny speakers using software and audio tricks, goes from becoming a liability, to a welcome solution.
With the new Bose sound link Mini manages to do this beautifully. The speaker is beautiful and functionally well done. And yes, it sound fantastic.

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