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The Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II has been quite a hit on Amazon with 4.5 Star rating. With the vast majority (See chart below) of reviewers giving it 5 Stars it appears to be a good buy at only $299. Now this seems like a lot of money to me for what is basically a glorified boombox, but if we look at some of the contents of the reviews we see a picture emerging as to why this is so well loved.

  • More balanced sound than the Big Jawbone
  • Great bass at low levels
  • Very portable
  • Built in battery
  • The bass? It's incredible considering the size of the speaker
Key takeaway - Place the unit 4-6 inches from the wall for optimum bass output. This is good advice for any speaker but in the case of small speakers it's imperative.

So if you're looking for a good sounding speaker with portability and great base, this could be your speaker.  Bose Bluetooth Speaker Dock Reviews Analysis
Breakdown of Reviews for Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Blue Tooth Speaker Secrets

Bluetooth speakers have been around for quite a while. In fact long before the Jambox  became the rage in 2010 What has changes is that they've become more affordable, sound better and more versatile.

  •  At less than $100 the tiny UE Logitech Mobile Boombox seems to be topping everyone's list as the best sound, even better than the Jambox. 
  •  The less flashy and only $50 OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable gets an astounding 4+ stars on Amazon for the clear price leader in small rechargeable speakers. 
  •  And the coolest award goes to the ECOXGEAR EcoXBT. Why the coolest? It can float and is totally waterproof. Not water resistant but water proof. 

 So with all these new choices for bluetooth speakers at reasonable prices there's no excuses for not taking your tunes with you.

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