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Make Your Jawbone Speaker Sound Better

The one inch drivers in any speaker are barely capable of producing bass of any volume. Even the best designed speakers on the market will have difficulty producing noticeable bass response without a sizable speaker surface to move enough of air for low frequency sound.

Even so, there is a simple trick to making your Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  sound better, and produce better bass; put it in time-out.

Place it caddy-corner. By placing your Jawbone in a corner of a room you be able to take advantage of the corner to magnify the bass that the unit does produce. This will not get you jaw dropping lows but it will make it sound fuller. I found that putting it on the ledge of a kitchen counter back splash pleasantly increased the bass response.

No available corner? Place the unit 1 to 3 inches off a wall for a similar effect. One wall will not work as well as a corner but it will still help. Move the Jambox back and forth until you find a sound that you like. Got a tip? Let us know in the comments.

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