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Sonos Takes on Soundbars

Sonos, the company best known for $300 - $500 connected home entertainment speakers based upon a wireless mesh network is entering the home theater speaker business with a new soundbar. If you consider that for $300 to $500 for a small but decent sounding tabletop speaker Sonos is a good deal next to most expensive iPod and docks and bluetooth speakers, you'd expect their soundbar to come in similarly priced. You'd be wrong.

The $699 soundbar

So yeah, $699 soundbars are not rare, there are quite a few that can't even do the other things the Sonos can do with it's optional $699 subwoofer, namely stream music all on it's own. But at a total of $1,400 that is a lot of change for a sound bar. 

We'll have to wait till March 5, 2013 to find out if it's worth it. As reviews come in we'll post some notable comments here.

SONOS PLAYBAR TV Soundbar and Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music

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