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Setting up Your New Home Theater System 2012

So the Christmas party is over and you're sitting there wondering how do I set up this home theater system I got? Well here is some advice to follow no matter what type of system you received.

Soundbars - This is an easy one. Most soundbars require little or no setup. You plug the soundbar in, hook up one cable from the Cable or Sat box and you're off to the races. If it came with a subwoofer you may want play with placement till you find the best sound. Placement will be partially determined depending on if you've got a wired or wireless subwoofer. Typically somewhere near the front of the soundstage (near your television) is the best placement but the back of the room could also work. 

HTIB - Home theater in a box systems are also relatively easy to set up. With blu-ray, amp and tuner in one box you simply hook up the speakers and your off. Need help with speaker placement, click here. Key is to keep the front speakers at a seated persons ear height for optimum listening experience. Follow similar advice on subwoofer placement. 

New home theater speakers - If you're hooking up new home theater speakers follow our easy to understand speaker placement guide here. Keep in mind that many high quality speakers will need some break in period to reach their optimum sound quality, 10-20 hours or so. Use a quality 14-16 gauge speaker wire. Fancy Monster Cable is not necessary but if it makes you feel better, have at it! 

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