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Denon CooCon AirPlay Compatible Speaker Dock

Denon is known for making mid level high end amplifiers and receivers. They were also first to announce AirPlay compatibility in the AVR Home Theater Receiver line a couple of year back.  What Denon is not known for is speakers.

It appears they are trying to change that. The last entry into the streaming world was a giant bust with the RCD-N7. It was cute but came with crappy speakers (go figure) and a dock, but did all the heavy lifting of steaming on its own. It was sort of a mini receiver with wifi.

The Denon Coocon is an AirPlay compatible speaker dock that hedges its bet by including DLNA, which we think is the way all such docks should be. This way iOS or Android, you're good to go.

Specs, with 100 watts of power and split 25 each for 4 drivers this unit is sure to have enough power to fill most normal size room with adequate sound. It is ported and of course like anything its size, some significant DSP goings on.

Price: $500. Is it just me of is $500 just a bit much to spend on a speaker dock? I have not yet heard this unit but for casual listening, for which even Denon would not argue this is for, there are many other AirPlay compatible spekaer docks that are much less expensive which will sound either as good, or almost as good.

That said, if you're a big Denon fan then this might make a great addition to your kitchen, bedroom or porch.

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