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Google Nexus Q Triad Bookshelf Speakers

Though I've not found a review of the new Triad Bookshelf Speaker that are paired witht the new Nexus Q streaming amp from Google,  Triad, the company making these speakers is a very high end speaker manufacturer. For reference their other bookshelf speakers come in and $2,400 and $3,500 a pair. Yes you read that correctly. No matter what you think of spending this much money on a pair of speaker with 6.5" woofers in them, they certainly would be a waste with a feed from a streaming source, especially a phone.

Better Choices Available

Many folks will surely think they need to purchase these $400 speakers in order to get good sound out of the Nexus Q. Call me crazy but more likely than not you get get much better speakers than these for the source you're using. Then again, can a super high end speaker company make a speaker that is only $400 and not make a piece of crap? Triad speakers likely come with a 300% margin for the company. Apply that to a $400 list price set and you quickly see that what you're likely buying here is a set of $100 speakers with a fancy pedigree.

Instead, consider 8 ohm speakers for Boston Acoustics, Polk and the like and save some money. Will you notice the difference in sound quality? Not likely.

Triad Bookshelf Speakers for Nexus Q Preview — Reviews and News from Audioholics

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