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Bluetooth Speakers & the Creative D200

Check out the D200 for under $93 at Amazon

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, and why shouldn't they be. Everyone hates wires. Speaker docks are nice to be able to charge your iPod, iPhone or Android device but then it's not in your pocket. And for Android devices you have such a small choice of docks it's difficult to find one you will like.

Two Solutions for wireless speakers

Bluetooth and Apple's AirPlay are to great ways to get your music wirelessly to speakers in your house. AirPlay will only work from Apple devices so if you have an Android device or a Zune, you're pretty much going to have to use a Bluetooth speaker.

The Creative D200 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

There are lots of Bluetooth speakers to choose from on the market today and some sound remarkably good! Today I picked up a Creative D200 Bluetooth speaker to review, so let's get going.

The unit comes nicely packed along with a very short manual and a power cord.

Unpacked you can see the unit is pretty small. The regular sized sharpie gives you some sense of the size of the unit. It's high gloss black with only 3 buttons on top. The power adapter is normal sized but still large.

The Back
of the unit has a power button, input for the power cord and a jack for plugging in an external speaker. There is also a bass port to help enhance the bass output of this small speaker.

The Top
of the unit has the Bluetooth paring button and the volume up and down buttons

It would have been nicer if the power button were on the top but it's not a deal breaker.

Size Quality and Finish
Product Dimensions: 18.8 x 4.9 x 5.1 inches ; 4.6 pounds

Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds

The D200 looks very nice and is relatively small. You won't be ashamed to have this on a table or counter. It has some heft and feels quite solid.

Sound and Performance

In the end the gadgetry is nice but how does it sound? Wonderful. Very smooth vocals and mids with decent highs. Despite it's size this speaker gives a very nice bass performance. Because of the port on the back you can play with location to increase or decrease the bass response, but overall it's very pleasing. The D200 gets loud enough to fill a 20 X 15 room with no problem and does so with remarkable stereo separation. (all factors considered)

Hooking the D200 up was no problem. I enabled Bluetooth on my iPhone, held down the button on the unit and within seconds my phone had found the unit and was ready to start playing music. You can do this with multiple devices. My Android phone worked just as well.

I was able to roam at least 30 feet from the speaker and still play music with no problem. If I moved further than 35 feet however it did drop out.

Overall this is a very nice sounding wireless speaker I can easily recommend for a kitchen, bedroom or other location where you need music without wires.

Check out the D200 for under $93 at Amazon


Own a Creative D200? What do you think?

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