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High End Full Sounding AirPlay Speaker

Libratone, BeatFiled under "not here yet" This Scandinavian speaker company with their Full Room technology and 360 degree sound experience Libratone promises detailed audiophile-like sound from a small, wireless, and AirPlay compatible speaker.

First they are a bit weird with the fuzzy cover and all the colors. Not sure how many folks will buy the colors. I'd bet some time around June of 2012 you'll see red and green Libratone's on sale.

Sale Price Would be Welcome!

These are also very expensive speakers, airplay or not. At the $699 range they certainly tip the scale at hte very top end. At this price you can get a very nice Sonos system with a base and two speakers, or two Bose docks.

Nice Specs
Expensive but the specs may or may not support the price.

  • 1x5" bass, 2x3" midrange and 2x1" ribbon based tweeter
  • Wireless active speaker with built-in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification.
  • 150W total. 1x50W bass, 2x25W tweeter & 2x25W midrange.
  • Satin chrome handle, body of wood, high-end piano finish and Italian cashmere wool.
  • AirPlay (wireless) and 3.5-mm audio minijack for analog or optical digital sound.
Coming in September

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