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Sonos announces PLAY:3

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Sonos recently announced it PLAY:3, a new lower cost entry system for its wireless music system.

What is Sonos? They are more of a wireless music/speaker company than anything else. They allow you to put music in your home almost anywhere you'd like with no wires other than the power cord for the speakers.

Sonos lets you play Pandora, iTunes music and thousands of other Internet stations.

Easy Setup
The units come out of the box ready to go. You do need an internet connection but you don't have to worry about setting them up to  your computer and you don't need to know anythign about networking!

Amoung Sonos' strengths is the ability to synchronize multiple zones, or play differect music to each.  You could have every zone in your home play something different, or exactly the same thing.  You can also choose to play the same songs in the dining room and kitchen and play somthing else on your back porch  This is a key difference between Sonos and AirPlay for instance.

Sonos S5: Wirelessly play any song, in any room. Watch the Demo.

Sonos coupons

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