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New Table Saw = New Speakers?

It's summer. The weather is hot and the home wood shops are open! Are you the woodworking type? Want new speakers but don't want to purchase commercially available ones? Well maybe you want to build your own speakers.

With the number of kits and parts available you can easily build your own speakers, and they will sound great. You can either build them from scratch by choosing your own wood, (we'd recommend MDF over wood) or buying pre-built cabinets and adding your own custom speaker selection.

Either way you can get some great satisfaction from building your own speakers. Here are some of the advantages.
  • Choice of finish - While many prefer black speakers, sometimes the significant other does not. There may even be a mandate to have them match the rest of the furniture. No problem is you do it yourself.
  • Choice of drivers - Choose the tweeters that match your sound preference rather than what the manufacturer wants to sell you. Speakers are very subjective on what sounds good and what does not.
  • Choice of cabinet size & Style - By building your own you get to choose the style and size, along with the finish and drivers. Win, win, win.
If you go the pre-built cabinet route (rather than routing the speaker holes yourself!), then configuring your own custom speakers can be accomplished with nothing more than a screwdriver. If you want a custom finish, finishing small square boxes is much easier than a piece of furniture.

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