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Time to buy Outdoor Speakers on Sale

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Niles OS5.5 - Speaker - 2-wayIt's June and in the 90's on the east coast and we've been outside by the pool. Time to crank my outdoor speakers as loud as they can go. In the true tradition of retailing most vendors have already moved on to Fall items, which means it is a good time to look for sales on outdoor spekaers. A few we really like are from Polk, Boston , Acoustics Voyager speakers and Niles outdoor speakers.

Considerations when purchaing outdoor speakers.
  • Waterproof vs Water Resistant - most outdoor spekaers are NOT water-proof. In other words they need to be either mounted under cover or somewhere else where they won't get directly rained on. Boston acoustics does make a speaker they consider water proof, the voyager series but you should still take some care.
  • Acoustic suspension vs bass reflex. - to be truly water proof a speaker would have to be acoustic suspension since a large hole in the front would hardly be condusive to keeping out water. However a ported or bass reflex speaker will give you better bass, especially in an open outdoor environment.
Care and Feeding of Outdoor Speakers

If you live in a colder environment it is a good idea to take your outdoor speakers inside for the winter. We'll cover how to care for them in a short article come September.

Outdoor speakers on sale at Amazon.

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