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Speaker Height Placement

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SANUS SYSTEMS BF-31B Wood Speaker StandsThe height your speakers are at makes a difference in how they will sound. Makes sense right? In general speakers should be placed so the tweeter is pretty much at ear level of the listener. This is because many tweeters don't have a very good dispersion range. This means as you go off-axis on them you start to lose some volume and possibly tone. While it may be difficult to get all listeners directly in front of the speakers it is much easier to get them at ear level.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Speakers Height
  • Floorstanding speakers usually have tweeters at the correct height
  • Bookshelf speakers are best on an open shelf or on a speaker stand
  • In general speakers should be placed with the woofer at the bottom
  • If you need to put speakers on their side, position them so the tweeters mirror each other
  • Do not mount rear ported speakers against a wall, it will diminish the bass output
Height Placement of Surround Sound Speakers

Surround sound speakers should follow the same rules as the main front speakers. This is usually not ideal however. Since surround speakers can be much smaller, many people opt to mount them on the wall, in the corner between the wall and ceiling, or just purchase in-ceiling speakers for the task. Surround sound speakers can also be placed on a stand. As long as the surround sound speakers are pointed toward the listening seats they will sound fine.

Speaker Safety
  • Speakers mounted on a wall should be securely fastened to avoid injury if one falls
  • If possible anchor speaker stands to a wall if small children are in the house
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