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Sonos Multi-Room Streaming SpeakerSale - $99 off

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Sonos is an easy to use whole house music system. It uses streaming Internet content or your iTunes library via Apple AirPlay and a really simple to set up wireless system that delivers music to any room in your home. They don’t have sales often and this is a great deal. Though not cheap the ease of setup and the fact is is so easy to use make it a great for multi-room audio. It does not need a computer to work and it even has it’s own wireless network so it won’t interfere with other home networks.  If you have an iPhone’s or Android device Sonos has free apps that easily control your system. Play the same songs or different songs in different rooms. Really Simple and really Smart! Save $99 on a 2-room Sonos kit, or $50 on a 1-room kit at

$30 off i-DS3 iPhone iPod Speaker Dock from Boston Acoustics

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Boston Acoustics store is offering $30 off their very nice sounding Speaker dock.
Buy Boston Acoustics products direct from the manufacturer -- free shipping -- free 30 day trial

PLUS $30 off an i-DS3 with coupon code IDS30OFF

I've heard these and can tell you that it is better than the Bose dock in a side by side test, no doubt. Wait, I take that back, it beats the Bose WITHOUT the subwoofer. Add the wireless subwoofer and it simply blows away anyting in its class.
Of couse at Under $300 (with coupon) you get an iPhone, iPod dock that includes everything you would expect in a high-end iPod dock for a really cheap price.

•Integrated universal iPod dock controls and charges all iPhone and dockable iPod models
•100 Watts of total system power
•Dual high frequency tweeters
•Dual high performance 3-1/2" woofers
•Wireless 6-inch subwoofer goes anywhere in your listening area
•BassTrac® audio processing for clean bass at all listening levels
•Video output for all video-capable iPhone/iPod models
•Auxiliary inputs for additional media players
•Remote control included

Click the link below and go to Tabletop Products - Use coupon code IDS30OFF at Checkout

Boston Acoustics products direct from the manufacturer

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