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How to Fix a Blown Subwoofer

So you have finally gotten that fat and incredibly thumping bass system for your car that you have always dreamed about. Of course we all can not be geniuses, and from time to time, try as we might, some of us will just crank that bass knob one click too far to the right, and whoops, boom, there goes your subwoofer—blown from receiving more current than it was designed to handle. And in reality, while you can still pump your bass tracks through a blown subwoofer, all you will get back in the form of sound waves is a nasty buzzing and a rattle, as the broken woofer shakes in its cavity. Thankfully repairing that—once badass—subwoofer isn’t nearly as complicated nor as costly as you might think. So try on these simple subwoofer repair tips, and see what we mean!

Get the right subwoofer repair kit
Generally, when you blow a subwoofer, you will need to replace the entire speaker that you have just blown. This is because when you send far too much power through the speaker—more than it was designed to handle—the cone can burst, which typically knocks it loose from its encasing. This requires that you first remove the grill over the speaker housing, and then carefully pull the cone out of the speaker cavity and detach the speaker wiring.

Sub Woofer Repair Kits

Of course, for many this can read far easier than it actually is to do, but rest assured, there is not that much technical prowess required when you go about repairing a blow subwoofer. Essentially you are just removing the grill to access the speaker, pulling the speaker out of the cavity in which it sits, and then unwiring and rewiring the new speaker, and placing the grill on again. Your best bet at doing this successfully is by actually buying a subwoofer repair kit that can save you hours of time and money—and allow you fix your subwoofer in just mere minutes.

New Amp?
Sometimes the speaker is fine and you just need a new amp. Replacing an amp is relatively easy and requires  the ability to use a screwdriver and have some basic common sense. (follow directions!) For a good selection of subwoofer amps check here.

Also check out Speaker Building pages on Parts-Express - Everything from full subwoofer kits to parts for repair or upgrade.

Here are some replacement speakers to consider, Prices range from $20 to around $100 depending on size and manufacturer.

6" Subwoofer replacement Speakers

Pyramid PW677X 6-Inch 300 Watt Subwoofer
Lanzar MAXP64 Max Pro 6.5-Inch 600-Watt Small-Enclosure 4-Ohm Subwoofer

8" Subwoofer replacement Speakers

Legacy LWF8X - "L" Series - 8" 300 Watt 4 Ohm Car Audio Subwoofer

Infinity Reference 8-Inch 1000-watt High-Performance Subwoofer (Single Voice Coil)
Polk Audio db840DVC 8-Inch Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer (Single, Black)

10" Subwoofer replacement Speakers
Visonik B10 700 Watt Pair Subs 10" Car/Truck Audio 350W RMS Subwoofers

Kicker Comp 07C108 10-Inch 8-Ohm Subwoofer
PYLE PLW10BL 10-Inch 600 Watt Subwoofer
Visonik B10-6PKG (6) 350 Watt Subs 10" Inch Car/Truck Audio Subwoofers
Boss Audio D10F 10-Inch 4-Ohm Diablo Flat Subwoofer - Single (Black)

15" Subwoofer replacement Speakers
Pyle 15 Inch 8OHM WooferSeismic Audio - 10" Raw Woofer
Boss P156DVC 15" Subwoofer Dual 4ohm Voice Coils
Boss P156DVC 15" Subwoofer Dual 4ohm Voice Coils

Check out these awesome subwoofer repair kits, well priced online!

Mail In Repair Service & Subwoofer Amps
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