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Flat Panel Speakers

There are some advantages to having flat panel TV speakers mounted on the wall next to your TV or at least standing next to the TV on suitable stands. There are many options these days.

Affordable Flat Panel Speakers

Klipsch, known for high quality speakers makes the Quintet SL Flat Panel Speaker set up for home theater. It is a 5.0 system with matched Left, Center and Right speakers and two smaller satellites. The bass-reflex LCR's come with 2- 3.5" aluminum drivers front-firing ports to assist in boosting the bass, but this means you cannot mount them on the wall. Like most Klipsch speakers they come with a loaded horn for highs. At only 5.6 inches deep it means they will look great next to even relatively thin TV's.

Moderately Priced Flat Panel Speakers
Boston Acoustics makes some really nice Front-ported speaker that come in both black and silver. Each 3-way speaker has 3 4.5 inch drivers, two woofers and one midrange. With thier aluminum dome tweeter, 5 way binding posts and high quality build these will nicely complement any flat panel TV. Only 4-3/4 inches deep and capable of up to 150 watts these will sound great paired with a nice 100-300 watt subwoofer. $399 each.

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