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THe Absolute Tower Speaker Review

NHT Absolute Tower Speaker (Piano Black Gloss, Each)This is a really nice looking tower at a reasonable price 10 Coat High Gloss Finish.  The price is right and the nice wide stance means harder to tip over which is a big benefit for a floorstanding speaker

NHT Absolute Tower Speaker (Piano Black Gloss, $499 Each)

Home Theater Review pretty much sums it up
The Absolute Tower is a sleek, floor-standing three-way speaker that joins the Absolute Zero's 1" aluminum dome tweeter and 5.25" polypropylene cone midrange with two (2) 5.25" woofers. Its acoustic suspension design presents music and movie soundtracks with the clarity, neutrality and substantial power-handling that are typical of the brand's most revered models. Like all NHT Classic Models, the Absolute Tower features NHT's luxurious 10-coat gloss-black finish.

Stereophile says
"This is a speaker you can take home to meet Mother." That description perfectly fits NHT's Classic Absolute Tower. I found it a smooth, liquid, detailed, dynamic performer with a wide range of program material, both music and films. It did nothing wrong, and was sufficiently revealing to let well-recorded music shine while making lesser recordings quite listenable.
Other speakers may do more in a particular area, but this one does it all in a naturally balanced fashion. Overall, in fact, the Classic Absolute Tower has impressed me more than any other NHT model I've heard. Stereophile readers should find it a truly "universal" speaker: Every reader of this magazine will enjoy listening to music through the Absolute Towers, and I am sure that no reader's spouse will object to their presence in the house. For $1000/pair, what more can you ask?

Reviews on Amazon
--I was worried about the company transition (as with most companies selling their name, lowering the quality, and increasing profit margins, until they go out of business), and they are made in China...but I am pleasantly surpised to see that NHT has maintained their quality. It appears that they are back in mainstream business again. You do need slightly more amplifier power to drive these speakers, and if you really need rumbling low frequencies of many action movies, it is better to buy a sub-woofer than distort the overall sound. I normally don't take the time to write review, but I like to support high quality/value whenever I can.

--The glossy black finish helps the speakers blend into the background and the job is finished by the excellent sound stage produced by the speakers. Imaging is very precise and the sound is crisp and natural.

Technical Details

  • Compact and stylish design - takes up less than 1 square foot
  • High Output - Drive easily with a noremal receiver but can handle 150 watts
  • Matches perfectly with other NHT Absolute Models - Center and Zeros for complete Home Theater
  • Usable bass to 40Hz. Pleanty of bass for stand alone music systems. Use NHT subwoofers for high output home theater
  • For small to medium size room up to 4000 cu ft.
These are available on Amazon or Direct from NHT's site. With Amazon you may have an easier time with a return if you are not satisified but that is just speculation.

NHT Absolute Tower Speaker (Piano Black Gloss, $499 Each)

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