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Do you Need a Subwoofer?


Short answer - Probably.

Long answer - Sub woofers are one of those things that men usually crave and women usually hate. Sure they give great weight to action adventure movies and the occasional pipe-organ music if that's your thing, but they also take up space. (the take up space part is usually what women hate). For music most 6.5" bookshelf speakers and almost all decent tower speakers will supply great music reproduction. You can even get away with 4 of them with a good center channel speaker for a reasonable home theater speaker setup. If you want the BOOM's that most Hollywood blockbusters have in them you'll need a sub woofer. You'll also need one if your satellite speakers (left, right and surrounds) are smaller than 5.25". Some may disagree but under this size they'd have to be VERY good designs to give you any reasonable sounding bass.

See Only 4 Star + Sub Woofers

Steve Guttenberg just wrote an article on who needs a sub woofer that is interesting in that he relegates subs to those of us that want a system only for music. Though this has some merit it depends on the type of music you listen to and your preference for volume. Most of today's pop and rock (for the past 30 years for that matter) have body slamming bass drums and guitars that are an integral part of seeing most acts live. So if you want killer movie soundtracks and that live music sound, get a sub. If you have a problem with sub woofer placement, get a set of tower speakers with at least an 8" driver for bass for your left and right front speakers.

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