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Best Home Theater Speakers

CNet recently released it's best Home Theater speaker report. It is a curious list since it can only be a list of the 10 best home theater speakers that the reviewer listened to. Of course you say, what else can he do? True enough. To the reviewers credit 4 of the systems were from Aperion and Fluance, both online only brands. There were also systmes form Energy, 3 systems from KEF and 1 from Mirage, Cerwin-Vega and Boston Acoustics. Of these companies Aperion makes excellent speakers that are a bit pricey but sound great. Definitive is a mass market brand whose plasticy finish I don't particularly care for. Fluance is a true bargain brand but you should consider the quality of the drivers, density and structural integrity of the cabinets. The Mirage MX 5.1 is another mass market brand that is likely overpriced at $999. The Energy and Boston Acoustics are likely the best value in the bunch.

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