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Beautiful Expensive Spekaers

We are not usually swayed by companies that manufacturer and sell very expensive loudspekers. We believe that somewhere along the line good enough is good enough. Every once and a while we come across a speaker company that makes such visually stunning speakers that get great reviews that we just have to point them out. The Salk Signature Sound speaker line is one of these speakers. Make from the highest quality drivers and exotic woods these hand-crafted built to order speakers are nothing short of stunning. Given our experience with speaker photography these likely look even better in person.

The V Series V3 shown at left comes in at a relatively inexpensive starting price of $3495 depending on the finish wood. Salk claims these would normally retail for $7500 a pair. I guess, who knows. It seems you can only order these direct from Salk and you likely get personal service but then again you should.

Custom Cabinets
This is from the Salk website: "The first is what we refer to as our "standard" cabinet.
This cabinet will offer a limited selection of standard veneers (samples
available soon). This will allow us to offer this cabinet model at a starting
price of $3495.

In addition to lower cost, another advantage of our
standard V3 cabinets (when they become available) is shorter delivery times,
measured in days rather than months.

Custom cabinets (such as those shown here) are, as the
name implies, fully customizable. You can design your own cabinet with
virtually any veneer/wood combination you desire. Or match your favorite
automotive finish if you prefer. See our custom finish
for details. Since labor costs will be much higher, these models
will have a base starting price of $4495." See them here

Not that I have the money to drop on these but if I did... I might.

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