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B&W Zeppelin Mini iPod Dock

BWMini.jpgB&W is known for building incredible speakers that are usually very expensive. There B&W Zeppelin iPod dock is one of those at $600. Unusual shape, large size but incredible sound that's expected out of a $600 unit. Now they've released the Zeppelin mini at $400 which is still over $!00 more than the Bose. (which does not sound as good in any case).  This puppy apparently rocks according to the reviews. Oh-so pretty, Nice audio experience overall are some of the remarks. CNet gave it 3.5/4 stars. Not bad. There are for sure ipod docks that are just as good for far less money. Consider the new dock from Boston Acoustics Duo-I Plus iPhone/iPod Dock for only $249 or this Sony Clock radio dock.

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