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How do I clean my Speakers?

Months have gone buy since you got your brand new speakers. Now they have smudges, kids fingerprints and lots of dust. What is the best way to clean your speakers?
First and foremost; Read your speaker manual. It will most likely have cleaning tips in it. If you don't have a manual you can follow these general guidelines.

Cleaning Wood speaker cabinets
For wood cabinets you can use Pledge or some other spray,  but most likely a slightly damp (not wet) rag or even a Swiffer will do the job. These methods will get rid of 95% of the problems and won't harm your finish. NEVER use a spray cleaner like Windex or Formula 409 on your speaker cabinets.

Cleaning Wood Veneer speaker cabinets
You will follow the same advice as for cleaning wood speaker cabinets listed above.

Cleaning Vinyl Covered speaker cabinets
Most inexpensive speakers are covered in a vinyl covering (over MDF) that looks like wood. Most of these are very convincing and look really good. Do not use Pledge or other waxes to polish these speakers. Here again the best method for cleaning the speaker cabinet is a slightly damp cloth. If smudges still exist you can use a household cleaner if you spray a small amount on the cloth, not the speaker and rub gently.

Other materials
To clean metal & plastic speaker cabinets follow the manufacturer's instructions. In most cases a very slightly damp cloth or dry dusting cloth should work fine.

General Rules for cleaning speakers

1. Never use harsh chemicals
2. Never try and clean the speaker driver (the speaker itself)
3. Never use wet cloths or submerge in water (obvious?)

In general loudspeakers will last you at least 20 years if taken care of. Once you're finished dusting, sit back, and enjoy the music.

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