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Fixing a blown subwoofer

First, Never try and fix a home powered subwoofer unless your qualified to do so. It has an amplifier in it that might casue severe electric shock even if it is unplugged.

There are parts of a car subwoofer that can be repaired. (as long as it is not powered). In this case your best bet is to go to a reputable site like Parts Express. There are many other sites out there that speaker repair kits. Searh Google for Speaker Repair Kits.

Try Parts Express as a great source for Speaker Repair parts.

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Internet Radios, coming of age

Internet Radio is getting Big, real big. Millions of folks around the world and in the US listen to Pandora, Last FM, Slacker and thousands of other Internet radio stations every day.

Most listen on a portable device like their iPhone and many listen on their computer. A fast growing base are buying stand-alone Internet radios equipped with speakers and alarms.

A UK webiste has put together their list of the top 5 Internet radios. Not sure I agree with them but hey, it's a start.

You can also check out this new site dedicated to Internet Radio.

Place bookshelf speaker on its side?

Reader Question:
Is it a big no-no to place a bookshelf speaker on its side? I have a cabinet space that does not allow me to fit the speaker in vertically.

For critial listening the speakers should always be positioned in the same manner. In genearl speakers are best placed at the listening level of the listener. See speaker placement article. So if you have one speaker on its side with the tweeter facing "out" the other speaker should be the same. If there is a center channel either way will do. In most cases you'll not notice it.

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