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Greenhouse speaker placement

A reader wrote in..

I have a rectangle room (retail Glass greenhouse) 80x25. I have 4
Klipsch indoor/outdoor speakers... the larger of the series. there are
entrances at 3, 6 and 9 0'clock positions. 6 being the main
entrance. I have the at each end facing in left and right as you face
them. Should i make left and right the same for both? should I move one
pair half way down and face them to the enterance as well? what to doing
and also the songs are playing at diffent volumes... on there own.


If you're planning on playing different material though each set than the left and right placement should not matter. In fact since this is not a critical listening situation you can likely place them any way you'd like. I would suggest that if they are playing the same music pu the speakers in the far end facing in, left and right as you face them, then put the other pair half way in facing hte same direction toward the "front" door at 6 O'Clock. Happy gardening and happy listening. Quick question, what type of music do the plants like?


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