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Why Good Speakers Cost So Much

Speakers have always been the one of the biggest markups in the audio industry. Electronics can be found at high prices but most often the cost to the mfg is also high. As if to prove this point many boutique speaker manufacturer's are dropping their prices like rocks. In a recent post in a popular forum a member blasts a speaker company for dropping it "special price" 4 times in the past 3 months to the point where it's as they put it, "a joke" Makes you wonder what you're really getting.

The fact of the matter is good speakers do NOT have to cost an arm and a leg. Many companies have figured out how to deliver good stuff without gouging the consumer but there are still quite a few that charge way more than the product is worth. When comparing speaker companies use the following guidelines:
  • Find speakers that are in your price range
  • Read on site and forum reviews of the product. Check Audioholics & AVSForum
  • Find companies that offer a free home trial and free return shipping if you can
  • Ask if they are planning a sale. Many will come out and tell you.
Above all remember that speakers are like wallpaper in that everyone has different taste so you're best off listening in your home and deciding from there.

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