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Why you should buy Two Sub Woofers

So you like bass do ya? Well then there is good news for you! We just finished chatting with two of our audio "uber" experts (we know quite a few) and believe it or not subwoofers are one of those things where TWO are better than one. Let me explain without getting overly technical.

One subwoofer placed in a room (a good sub that is) will deliver delicious non-directional bass throughout the room that most folks will find enjoyable. But due to the size and shape of the room as well as the position of the sub you can get sweet spots and spots where the sub is not quite as satisfying.

A second sub will help cancel out these problem spots and even out the bass distribution and help eliminate strange effects. You can also even "tune" each sub a little differently; have one handle the high lows and one the very bottom (one of our experts says this won't help, the other says it will. Go figure, audio guys arguing)

Next time, why two subs and two bookshelfs are BETTER than a set of towers.

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