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Round Speakers


They've been around for a while and seem to have carved out a niche. Both Roundsound and Orb are fixtures in the "round" speaker world. Though "ball" speakers might be a better term. Is there anything inherently better about a small round speaker than any other shape or size. Well from a sound standpoint, not really. They could make it easier to position them in the room and depending on the material of the cabinet they could provide a very rigid cabinet structure. They will also require a mounting bracket or stand of some type. Great for making a fashion statement but I've never been a big fan. What do you think?

Boston Acoustic TVee soundbar

Soundbars are all the rage due to the still exploding Flat Panel TV market. One of the neatest ones out there is the Boston Acoustics TVee model. It has recently become an even better value at as low as $268 in some stores on The only complaint on this model which comes with a nice looking wireless subwoofer is that the remote has a limited range. Since you can solve this with an inexpensive $20 univeral remote we don't this this is a problem.

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