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8 Points on Choice and Placement of a Center Channel Speaker

How do you choose and where do you put your center channel speaker, on top or below the TV?

The answer to this question is relatively simple; your budget and where will it fit!

Beyond that there are several considerations when choosing a center channel speaker.
  1. Does it match your other speakers OR does it have a "neutral" voice / vocal sound?
  2. What size can you fit either directly above or below your TV?
  3. Is the speaker you want a bass reflex? (has a port (hole) in it?
  4. If its a bass reflex do you have enough room to keep it at least 6" from the back wall?
  5. Make sure it's properly supported. You don't want your 16 lb center channel speaker falling on your $1,200 LCD TV! If it does not come with a mounting bracket build a sturdy shelf.
  6. Use 16 gauge speaker wire, not thinner, thicker wont' help much in most cases.
  7. Angle the speaker to point at head level of the people sitting while watching TV.
  8. If the speaker is not a perfect match make sure you adjust the volume to match the left and right speakers
Sometimes the "matched" center speaker to your system is just too darn big to use in your home. Don't worry, many newer receivers let you adjust the tonal qualities of the center channel separately from the left and right channel which diminishes the need to have them match perfectly.

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